Auto Billing

Reservation > Invoices

Auto Billing allows you to set up automatic recurring billing on long-term or ongoing reservations. 

Auto Billing generates invoices at a set frequency and can either charge the card on file or send an invoice email. These invoices include anything past or current on the reservation that has not been paid. Retail items and utilities will be included on invoices based on dates. To view and modify Auto Billing, the staff member must be granted Auto Billing permissions.

  • To enable Auto Billing

    • Go to Settings > Staff.

    • Click the staff member name.

    • Assign the staff member role for Auto Billing Beta. Only staff members assigned to the Auto Billing role will be able to see Invoices in reservations.

    • Save.

  • To turn on Auto Billing for a reservation

    • Go to the Reservation > Invoices.

    • Toggle the switch to the “On” position.

    • Select the billing frequency. This will determine how often the invoices are generated and what appears on the invoices. 

    • Select the billing method. This allows you to either send an invoice email or charge the card on file. (If the card on file is chosen, the guest will also receive an invoice email showing the payment.)

    • Auto Billing is now on for this reservation. The first invoice will be generated by the system within 15 minutes. 

  • To select a different start date for billing

    • Select a date in the date box for Start Billing On. 

    • An invoice will be generated that day for anything past or current that is unpaid. Future invoices will automatically recur from that date based on the billing frequency selected.

  • To customize an invoice

    • Click New Invoice.

    • The invoice will display items within the reservation. Items that are checked have been added to the total for that invoice. Items that are not checked will not be charged on this invoice, but will be added to a future invoice, depending on the date of the item and frequency of billing.

      • Retail items and utilities will be added to invoices based on date

    • To remove an item from the invoice charges, uncheck the box next to the item. That item will then automatically be placed on the next invoice.

      • Save Invoice to save it as a draft, or

      • Send Invoice to email the invoice, or

      • Charge Invoice to go to the payment screen. 

  • To charge an invoice

    • Click the invoice number.

    • Click Charge Invoice.

    • Select the method of payment.

    • Record the payment.

  • To turn Auto Billing off

    • From the Invoices tab of the reservation, toggle the switch to the “off” position.

  • To view a report for Auto Billing

    • Reports > Invoices by Client or Invoices by Month

    • Set the date range.

    • Search.

    • A chart will display invoice information for that date range. Click the month at the bottom to display a list of reservations included in the chart.