Ongoing Reservations

Monthly Grid > Ongoing


Reservation > Rooms/Nights

This allows you to create reservations for long-term guests with no set end date. Ongoing reservations will occupy the unit indefinitely and can be created in units that have no reservation in the future.

  • To create an ongoing reservation from the Grid

    • Open the monthly Grid.

    • Select Ongoing at the top.

    • Click the starting month of the reservation. (Note: There must be weekly or monthly rates in place for the unit in order to create an ongoing reservation.)

    • Select the starting date of the reservation.

    • Click Reserve.

    • Enter the guest information.

    • Save.

  • To create an ongoing reservation from an existing reservation

    • Open the reservation.

    • Go to Rooms/Nights.

    • Go to the Rentals tab. This is for weekly/monthly reservations. If the Rentals tab does not appear and Daily is the only tab, contact Support to enable Rentals.

    • Click Add.

    • Select the Start Date. (For existing reservations, you may need to remove rooms/nights on the Daily tab in order add that date as a Rental instead. However, both can be on a reservation at once. For example, a reservation can have 3 days on the Daily tab, plus 1 month on the Rental tab.)

    • Check the box for Ongoing Rental.

    • Search.

    • Check the box next to the unit to be added to the reservation. If the unit does not appear, there may be a reservation in that unit in the future or there may not be weekly/monthly rates for that unit.

    • Click Add.

*Note: For users on the Basic Edition, ongoing reservations must be created from an existing reservation.