How to Record Utility Readings on Reservations

Tools > Utility Readings

This article is for recording utilities for reservations. For more information on setting up utilities, visit How to Set Up Utilities.

  • To record utility readings

    • Use the drop-down menus at the top of the page to select display settings.

    • Enter the previous reading, if any, for the unit. You can list readings for multiple units on this page. (Note: If the unit is not listed on this page, be sure to apply utilities to the unit in the unit settings. See link above.)

    • Enter the current reading.

    • Enter the demand adjustment, if any. The utility cost will automatically calculate.

    • Save. The current reading will save as the previous reading for the next reservation.

  • To delete a reading

    • Click the reservation number associated with the reading.

    • Go to the Utilities tab of the reservation.

    • Click the delete icon.