How to set up Utilities

Settings > Taxes

Settings > Rooms

Settings > Utilities

This article is for setting up utilities. For more information on recording utility readings on reservations, visit How to Record Utility Readings.

  • To set up utility taxes

    • Go to Settings > Taxes.

    • Click Add Tax.

    • Name the tax.

    • Set the effective dates of the tax.

    • Type the tax amount and select whether the tax is a flat tax or a percentage.

    • Select Energy Tax.

    • Save.

  • To enable utilities in rooms or units

    • Go to Settings > Rooms.

    • Click the room/unit name.

    • Check the box that says “This item has utilities”.

    • Save. Note: this must be done for every unit that has utilities.

  • To set up utilities

    • Go to Settings > Utilities.

    • Click New Utility.

    • Select the name and unit of measure.

    • Fill in the information found on the utility bill or the utility provider’s website.

    • If there are pricing tiers, switch the infinity symbol off and set the range.

    • To add ranges, click Add Rate.

    • Select how many significant digits and decimal digits the meter reads.

    • Select which taxes apply.

    • Click Add.

  • To view or change a utility

    • Go to Settings > Utilities.

    • Hover over the ? symbol to view the pricing breakdown of a utility.

    • Click the pencil icon to edit a utility.

    • Click the red trash can icon to delete a utility.