How to Send Out a Promotional Email

Marketing > Promotions

  • To Send out a Promotional Email

    • Once you’re in Marketing > Promotions, Click “Add”

    • Enter Email Subject.

      • This is the subject that will show up in your guests’ email.

    • Choose the email template from the dropdown list.

    • Select the date the email should go out.

    • If you wish to add a discount with the email, select the promo code from the dropdown list.

      • This is created in Specials/Packages and should already be set up.

      • Anyone who uses the booking engine link within the email will automatically have the promo code applied.

    • Select the time of day you would like the email to be sent out.

      • Note: The system needs a full two hours between the creation of the promotional email and when it is sent out. (Ex. If the email is being created at 1:05 pm, the email will not be able to be sent out until 4:00 pm.)

    • If you wish to receive a list of people who received the promotion, enter your email in the next field.

      • This will send a copy of each email that has been sent out.

    • Select which guests you want to receive the email.

      • Default is all guests.

    • Check the box next to “Send this promotion out at the assigned date and time.”

      • If this box is left unchecked, the email will not be sent out.

    • Click “Save”

For information on creating a promotional email template, visit How to Design Newsletters and Promotional Emails.