Marketing > Auto Notifications

Auto Notifications are marketing emails that are sent out to your guests automatically.

  • To Create a new Auto Notification

    • Go to Auto Notifications

    • Click “Add”

    • Fill in Fields

      • “Email Subject” is the subject your guest will see when they receive the email.

      • Select an E-mail Template that you have already created in “Templates”.

      • Select the number of days before or after the reservation the email should be sent out.

      • Checking the box next to “Also send this email to reservations…” will include those whose reservations do not meet the “day(s) before” requirement.

      • Select a promo code if applicable.

        • Promo code selected will automatically add the associated discount when guests click the link to the booking engine.

      • Select time of day the email should go out.

      • Entering your email into the box below “Inform me of who received…” will send you a copy of all emails sent of this type.

    • Check box next to “Send out these auto notification e-mails” to begin sending out the email

    • Click “Save”