How to Add a Retail Item to a Reservation

Reservation > Retail

This allows you to add a retail item to an existing reservation.

  • To add an item to the reservation

    • Click Add.

    • Indicate the quantity to be added to the reservation next to the retail item name.

    • Indicate the delivery date. The retail item will affect revenue based on the delivery date.

    • Adjust the price of the item if necessary in the Adjust Price field. (Note: If the quantity is greater than 1, enter the adjusted price for a single item.)

    • Save.

  • To add an item that is not in the retail list

    • Click Add.

    • Click New Retail Item.

    • Fill in the retail item information.

  • To remove a retail item from the reservation

    • Check the box next to the date and item.

    • Click Remove.

For more information on creating retail items, visit How to set up Retail Items.