How to Add a Retail Item in Point of Sale

POS > Add Product

This allows you to create a new retail item from within the Point of Sale system.

  • To create a new product

    • Scan or type in a barcode. Or continue without a barcode.

    • Type in the details of the product.

    • Indicate whether to add the product to the current cart.

    • Click Add Product.

  • To view the product in the list of retail items

    • Remove the product name from the search bar.

    • This will display a list of all retail items. Or view items by category by selecting a category at the top of the page.

  • To add a retail item to the cart

    • Click on an item within the list of retail items. This will add the item to the cart.

For more information on creating retail items, visit How to set up Retail Items.

For more information on how to use the Point of Sale system, visit Point of Sale Overview.