How to Create a Gift Certificate

Menu > Gift Certificates

Creating a gift certificate through ResNexus allows you to keep track of your gift certificates

Before being able to create a gift certificate for a guest, make sure that you have prepared your gift certificate template and created the gift certificates for purchase in the Settings > Gift Certificates. Or contact your Red Carpet Professional or support team to get them set up.

  • To create a new gift certificate to sell

    • Click “Create”

    • Select which type of Gift Certificate it is in the drop down.

    • If you are making a custom amount gift certificate, enter the amount

      • Gift Certificates with specific amounts will add the amount automatically

    • If you have a different Gift Certificate number with which you wish to identify this gift certificate enter it under “Alternate GC#”

    • Select Expiration Date.

    • Enter who the gift certificate is for under “To:”

    • Enter who the gift certificate is from under “From:”

    • If the purchaser wants to add a greeting or message to the recipient, enter that into the section under “Special Note:”

    • Enter property notes, if applicable.

    • Choose how you want the gift certificate to be delivered (Email or mail to the person purchasing, mail to an address, or email to a different email).

    • If the gift certificate is a gift or a donation, check the box next to “Create for gifting, donating or selling.”

      • Leaving this box unchecked will take you to charge for the gift certificate.

      • Marking a gift certificate as a donation will automatically charge the payment to the House Account titled Created Gift Certificates.

    • Click “Create”

      • This takes you to the Master Guest/Purchaser page where you can fill in the information of the person purchasing the gift certificate.

    • Click “Save”

  • To charge for the Gift Certificate

    • Go to the Payment tab of the reservation where the gift certificate was sold

    • Click “Add Payment”

    • Select Method of Payment

    • Click “Add Payment”

How to Redeem a Gift Certificate

Reservation > Add Payment > Gift Certificate

It is easy to redeem a gift certificate for purchase on a reservation.

  • To redeem a gift certificate

    • Go in to the reservation where you wish to redeem the gift certificate

    • Click “Payment”

    • Click “Add Payment”

    • Select “Gift Certificate” as the Payment Method

    • Enter Gift Certificate number

    • Click “Add Payment”

    • Verify information

    • Click “Redeem Gift Certificate