How to set up Holidays/Events on the Grid

Settings > Operations > Holidays/Events

This feature allows you to customize which holidays and events are highlighted on the Grid.

  • To customize which holidays/events display on the Grid

    • Use the dropdown to select which country’s holidays display.

    • Check the boxes next to the holidays to determine whether they display on the Grid.

    • Save.

  • To customize an event

    • Click Add Event.

    • Enter the event name.

    • Set the start and end dates.

    • Click Add.

  • To customize the highlighted color on the Grid

    • Click the link at the bottom of the page to go to the holiday color (or go to Settings > Business Information > Appearance).

    • Locate the Holiday Column color (found in the Reservations (Grid) section).

    • Click in the color box. A color selection tool will appear.

    • Select a new color.

    • Save.