PayPal as a Payment Option 

Settings > Credit Card Processing > PayPal

To enable the PayPal option on your booking engine, you must have a Business Account with PayPal.

  • To enable PayPal as a payment option

    • Check the box that says “Use PayPal Express Checkout...”

      • This will use the Auto Collect Deposits feature. You must have auto collect deposits set up with a collection amount of more than $0.00 or 0%.

    • Set up Auto Collect Deposits

      • Check the box that says “Automatically collect a deposit of” to enable deposits.

      • Select the bubble next to either the % of total, $ amount, or first night’s rate and set the collection amount. This must be more than $0.00 or 0%.

      • Check the box that says “Require all retail items to be paid for with the deposit” (this is required for PayPal).

    • To allow guests the option of paying using methods other than PayPal (such as credit cards), check the box that says “Guests are allowed to checkout without PayPal”. If left unchecked, PayPal will be the only payment option on the booking engine.

    • Fill in PayPal credentials

      • To find this information, click the link that says “Get your credentials”

      • Fill in your API username, password, and signature.

    • Save

*Note: PayPal on the booking engine only applies to the deposit. To charge the remainder of the reservation through PayPal, you will have to log in to your PayPal account to complete the transaction.

What will my guests see when I have PayPal Checkout enabled?