Yield Management

Settings > Daily Rates > Yield Management 

Yield management allows you to automatically increase or decrease room rates based on occupancy or advanced booking.

  • To add a Yield Management rule

    • Click Add

    • Select the applicable rooms or classes. 

    • Set the date range.

    • Select the applicable days of the week.

    • Select either the days in advance rule or the occupancy rule.

      • For the days in advance rule, set the number of days in advance on the line that says, “When booking __ to __ days in advance”

      • For the occupancy rule, set the occupancy limits on the line that says, “When occupancy is between __% and __%

    • Select to mark the base rate up or down

    • Select the percentage or dollar amount. Type the amount in the associated field.

    • Save

  • To customize Yield Management options

    • Check the box(es) to apply Yield Management to phone and/or online bookings.

    • Specify if occupancy is based on all rooms or online rooms.

    • Select which rule(s) should apply when rules overlap.

    • Save.