Online Bookings Settings

Settings > Online Bookings

This page allows you to configure your online bookings and your booking engine.

  • Online Booking Links

    • The top URL is the main booking engine link for your property.

    • The remaining URLs are for booking engine tabs and newsletter signup.

    • Advanced Options provides links to specific rooms or classes on the booking engine.

  • Customize Titles

    • Customize the terms that display throughout the back office and booking engine. This allows you to change the term “Rooms” to “Sites”, etc.

  • Booking Options

    • Allow same-day reservations.

    • Allow ongoing reservations.

    • Select the number of months out guests can book.

    • Restrict the number of nights guests can book online.

  • Sorting & Filtering Options

    • Display room numbers on confirmation emails and on the booking engine.

    • Enable a filtered search.

  • Display One Room for Each of the Following Room Classes

    • This option allows you to simplify your list of units on the booking engine by showing one unit per class. This is useful for properties with several similar units, such as Queen Rooms or Back-in RV Sites.