How to Design a Promotional Email

Marketing > Templates

Marketing emails are a simple way to reach out to your guests.

  • To Design a Promotional Email

    • In templates, scroll to the bottom and click “Library”

    • You can select from the dropdown list of templates that you can choose from to edit.

      • Plain Text templates are found under “Series 1” “Generic” or “Promotional”

    • Click the bubble next to the email template you wish to use.

    • Click “Save”

    • You can edit the field to show the text and images of the email.

      • The name and type on the email is for your reference.

      • The Content field allows for HTML code and can be used to include images, tables, etc.

      • Tags for use, (ex. Guest Information tags like [FirstName], [LastName], [Preferences], or Property tags like [YourName], [YourAddress], [Policies]) can be found at the bottom of the page and can be used to pull information into the email automatically.

  • To preview

    • Click “Save”

    • Click “Preview”

      • This will open a new window showing what the email will look like when it is sent out.

  • To delete the template

    • Click “Remove”

    • Check the box next to “Remove this e-mail template.”

    • Click “Save”

For information on sending out promotional emails, visit How to Send out a Promotional Email.