Special Rates are the rates that can be set for holidays and special occasions and will override the Standard Rates set for those dates.

To view and modify all rates for a single room: Settings > Rooms > select the room > Daily Rates

  • Add Special Rate. 

  • Name the rate. This is for your reference.

  • Set the start and end dates of this rate. Note: There is not an “every year” option for Special Rates. To repeat the rate every year, either create it as a Standard Rate or create multiple Special Rates.

  • Set the weekday rate.

  • Set the weekend rate. The days of the week considered weekends can be changed in Settings > Operations > Operational Options.

  • Select how many of each guest type is included in this rate.

  • Set rates for extra guests.

  • Save.

To view and modify rates for multiple rooms: Settings > Daily Rates

  • Click Adjust.

  • Name the rate. This is for your reference.

  • Select whether this is a new Special Rate or Standard Rate. You can also use this option to delete rates, but use caution with this feature as it cannot be undone.

  • Next.

  • Set the start and end dates of the rate.

  • Select whether you want this rate to repeat on those dates for up to the next 5 years.

  • Select the days of the week that apply to this rate.

  • Next.

  • Select which rooms/units apply to this rate.

  • Select how many of each guest type are included in this rate. You can charge additional guest fees on the next page. (For example, if this new rate is set for 2 adults, you can also set an additional adult fee for adults beyond 2.)

  • Next.

  • Select the bubble for Weekday/Weekend or for Amount. Set either the weekday/weekend rate or type in a figure in the Amount box and use the drop-down menu to select which type of adjustment this is. (For example, to increase rates by 10%, select the bubble for Amount and type “10” in the Amount box and select “% Rate Increase” from the drop-down menu.)

  • Select whether to create new extra person charges or to use existing rates.

  • Next.

  • Review all changes.

  • Check the box to verify these changes.

  • Save.

For more information on setting up rates, visit How to set up Daily Rates.