Settings > Rooms


  • To change room pictures:
    • Go to Settings > Rooms > select the room > Pictures
    • Upload a new file by clicking "Choose File".
    • Save.

For more information on setting up rooms, visit Rooms Setup.

Additional Assistance

Help. My pictures aren't loading. My pictures are taking too long to load on the guest side.

A lot of the changes your Red Carpet Professional does for your pictures in improving them and adding them to your system are very easy to do and can be fun as well.

If your pictures aren't loading into ResNexus or are loading too slow, check to see what format they are saved as. Right-click a picture and then click on "Properties" at the very bottom.

Look for "Type". It should say JPEG Image.

If it says something else such as GIF or PNG Image open the picture in a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.

While in Adobe Photoshop go to File -> Save As.

Under "File Name" (where you usually name your file) is a box of similar size called "Format" or "Save as type..". Use the pull-down tab to select JPEG. Click "Save". Return to ResNexus and browse for your newly saved file and add it.

They're showing up too big on ResNexus.

If your pictures are showing up too big on ResNexus, open them up in Adobe Photoshop. Once you open Adobe Photoshop go to File -> Open and select the picture to be resized.

Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while simultaneously selecting and you can open several pictures at once.

Then go to Image -> Image Size on Photoshop. Adjust the width under Pixel Dimensions.

At the bottom of the Image Size are two checkboxes labeled "Constrain Proportions" and "Resample Image". Make sure that both of these are checked. If one or neither is checked your picture can come out distorted.

The recommended width for ResNexus for Additional Pictures is 525 pixels. The recommended width for a Thumbnail is 175 pixels. Any larger than this and your clients will not be able to comfortably view your pictures on their web browser.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.