Web-based solutions have their downsides. What do you do if your Internet goes down all the time or for a couple of days? What do you do if your computer dies? To keep you up and running smoothly, you can have ResNexus email you copies of your upcoming and future reservations each morning. If you use Outlook Express or any other non-web based email program, these emails are stored locally on your computer once you read them.

Once you log into ResNexus go to Settings->General Settings->Daily Email Backups. This will open the Daily Email Backups page.

Enter the email address you would like to receive daily backups emailed to. You can enter more than one email address in a single box as long as each email address is separated by a semi-colon.

Next to Future reservations by the guest's name and Monthly availability calendars is a drop-down box you can use to specify the number of months out you would like to receive these back-up emails for.

Click "Test" to receive a sample of each backup email and to check that they are not going to your junk folder.

Click "Save" when you are finished.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.