We don't recommend you make too many changes to your confirmation emails and receipt. On this page we can help you make some minor customization changes and to get familiar with this end of ResNexus.

Once you log into ResNexus go to Settings ->General Settings->Customize Emails. The Customize Emails page will open up. Here you can customize the Confirmation Email, Receipt Email, Cancellation Email, Retail Vendor Email, and House Account Bill.

Notice that above Confirmation Email at the right hand corner of the box is a link "Test." Anytime you want to customize a receipt or confirmation email, click on the respective link "Test" and a preview of the confirmation email or receipt you want to change will appear. Click on this link to test preview what your Confirmation Email will look like.

Take note of the text at the top. These are tags that are HTML coded to pull information about your inn from the system or information a guest gives when making a reservation. Now, let's talk about what you are looking at in the email. As you scroll through Confirmation Email you will see these tags already placed in the email.

As a general rule of thumb, we don't recommend you make too many changes to your confirmation emails and receipts.

For example, as you are reading through the Confirmation Email you might prefer other wording to "We look forward to your visit and want you to know that we will do everything possible to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable." This is a change that will not omit any pertinent information to your guests. Changing the order of tags, such as placing your logo higher up is another simple change that won't affect the information contained in your confirmation email and receipts.

However, deleting a tag such as [Details] or [ReservationNum] will make information that your guests need unavailable. Luckily, all tags are available to be copy/pasted from the right hand side should this happen.

Additional Customization

We don't recommend too many changes but sometimes you would like to make text bold or larger/smaller print. Listed below are some tips to highlight text or to use the tags on the right hand side of the page.

As you know, ResNexus uses HTML coding to customize all of its features available to you. Let's do some simple HTML coding to help you along. We recommend that you keep changes to a minimum to make it easy and efficient for your guests to view. Below is a list of some common HTML codes you can use to italicize, make text bigger, or bold.  

<strong>This is some bold text</strong> Defines bold text
<em>This is some italicized text</em> Defines italicized text
<small>This is some small text</small> Defines small text
<big>This is some big text</big> Defines big text


For example, if you want your Policies to appear small you would type in the following around your Policies tag: 

<small>Your policies</small>


Click "Save" and then Test to see a preview. What if you want your Polices to appear small and italicized or even small and bold? As long as each code is closed with a "/" and "< >" you can apply more than one code to a text. 

<em>your text</em>
<strong>your text</strong>


If you are receiving an error sign on your preview or the text is not appearing bold or italicized, double-check that you have put in all HTML codes correctly. Delete any extra spaces between codes. Check to make sure all < > are present and that a / ends all HTML coding. 

Extra Space: <small> your text</small>
Missing /: <small>your text<small>
Missing >: <small>your text<small


Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.