To view your reminders, you can click on Reminders (found on the left side) within ResNexus. You will also see a friendly notice about how many reminders you have on the rooms grid, front desk and housekeeping pages. You will be shown important reminders as you log into ResNexus until you clear them.

If you can edit the reminder, there is a paper and pen icon on the right hand side of the reminder. Clicking on the date allows you to view the reminder.

How do I clear reminders?

On the reminders page, select the reminders you have finished or no longer want to see then click "Clear Reminders". You will no longer see these reminders. You can also clear reminders when viewing them individually. Since reminders do expire on their own as specified by the reminder's author, if there is a reminder that you would like to see until it naturally goes away, you can keep it in your list by not clearing it.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.