Don't be alarmed if your phones stop ringing as much. It can and will make you a little nervous but it is actually a sign that ResNexus is going to work for you. Your guests can now very easily see your availability, room details, and rates online. In the past, even if you were using a different reservation system, guests were struggling with finding this information, so they had to call you. With between 20 to 50% of your guests booking online, your phones should stop ringing by that percentage.

You may also see other reservation behavioral changes. For example, you will probably see an increase in international reservations since they don't like to book by phone due to the cost of the call as well as language barriers. Guests may now book closer to when they stay because it will be confirmed instantly online.

What we have seen is that with each year you use an effective reservation system, there are more reservations. The percentage who book online goes up while phone bookings decrease. The great thing is that you should be seeing more profit and then have more time on your hands since you are on the phone less.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.