We need to check a few things to see if one of the settings is causing some problems:

  1. Does the room show up as available in your grid? Sometimes you can be looking at the wrong month.
  2. Is there a rate for this room for all days during the year? (Settings -> Rooms / Units -> [Select the room]) If not, then ResNexus protects you by displaying "Unavailable". Go ahead and add the missing rate.
  3. Are there any overlapping rates? (Settings -> Rooms / Units -> [Select the room])
  4. Have you waited 15 minutes and checked the online reservation side again? If the room is now available, a guest was looking to book it online.
  5. If the first four steps still don't resolve your issue, please contact your Red Carpet Professional.

Online guests have 15 minutes where they can hold onto a room as they are making a reservation. If they stop looking at your rooms for 15 minutes, the room can be used by another guest. It is not uncommon that someone is booking a room and you look at the guest side yourself and see its "Occupied". As the innkeeper, you can take that room away and give it to someone who is calling in. The guest will be notified that the room is no longer available.

If you need to adjust the time that a room is held for a guest, give us a call and we can raise or lower it.

DISCLAIMER: If this time is shortened, please note that it makes it easier for guests to lose a room if they are prone to taking longer to book online.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.