How are emails in ResNexus delivered?

Emails in ResNexus are delivered using the Amazon SES email service. All confirmation, pre-arrival, post-departure, and system emails are sent using Amazon SES and are sent from Emails sent to guests have the reply address set as the property's email address so they can reply directly to the property.

Why can't I send emails with my property's email address as the "from" address?

There are a number of reasons why ResNexus does not use the property's email address as the from address.

  • Modern email servers have become much stricter than they were ten years ago. Spam detection and blocking are done in a number of ways, with one of the most common methods being to match the server that sends the email with the from address in the email itself. If the from address and the sending server don't match, the email may be discarded or flagged as Spam. Yahoo, for example, has the strictest sender policy and all emails that are sent by non-Yahoo servers and from a Yahoo email address are completely blocked. ResNexus uses Amazon to send emails by providing a public sender policy permitting them to do so, and receiving email servers recognize that policy and are more likely to allow email to pass through Spam filters.
  • If ResNexus were to use the property's email address, ResNexus would have no control over tracking bouncebacks and other metrics that ResNexus can use to improve its email systems. ResNexus would have to assume that every email was successfully delivered and would not be able to provide feedback to the property regarding email delivery. Amazon SES provides delivery metrics and tools for reporting bounced emails. ResNexus can then share information about bounced emails directly with the property.
  • Sending email on your behalf is a common industry practice. Constant Contact, Linked-In, Amazon's 3rd party seller marketplace, and many other sales, marketing, collaboration, and social systems will send email from their systems on your behalf. Many of these systems do this to protect the privacy of their customers, and this also provides valuable tracking, feedback, and email delivery information.
  • Amazon SES requires each sending address to be verified and has a limit of 1000 verified addresses. Due to the verification process and the verification limit, ResNexus cannot verify the sending address of every customer.

Should I use Gmail, Yahoo, or another free service for my property's email address?

There are many free email services available from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Internet Service Providers (like AT&T and Comcast), and many others. These services are great value for the price. However, we recommend investing in a professional email address rather than using a free service.

Imagine for a moment that you received an email from Would you believe that the email actually came from the White House? Would you trust it? What if it came from instead? Your email address says a lot about your business and is part of your brand image.

For just a few dollars a month, a service like G Suite email (formerly Gmail for Business or Google Apps for Work) can provide you a customized email address. There are many companies that provide similar services but first check with the company hosting your property's website as web hosts often provide email services as part of their web hosting service.

My property or my guests are not receiving emails from ResNexus. What do I do?

Sending email is often comparable to NASA sending a satellite to Pluto. The sender does everything they can to ensure the package is delivered correctly, but a million things could go wrong along the way. The satellite might not make it out of earth's atmosphere or might hit an asteroid or other space debris. The satellite could run out of power or fuel. A single typo in the navigation directions could send it off course. The satellite might make it to its destination, but the radio fails.

The most common reasons emails are not delivered are as follows:

  • Mis-typed email addresses.
  • Old or invalid email addresses.
  • Email systems that only allow email from whitelisted senders.
  • Email systems actively blocking emails they consider to be spam. Often the sender or the receiver are notified of the block.
  • Email systems passively blocking emails. In this case, the receiving system accepts the email but then discards it without notifying the sender or the recipient. These are the hardest to detect and resolve.
  • Temporary blocks due to high volumes of emails. Some email systems track how many emails are being sent from individual sources and may temporarily block emails if they believe too many have been sent. ResNexus has thousands of customers with thousands of guests and occasionally hits these volume limits on certain systems.
  • Excessive special characters, such as colons, in email templates or policies (if included in emails).
  • Emails are incorrectly marked as Spam or Junk
  • Accounts hosted by Google are often configured with multiple Inbox tabs by default (labeled "Inbox", "Social", and "Promotions"). ResNexus emails sometimes end up in the "Promotions" tab.

ResNexus reports when emails to the guest appear to be mis-typed or cannot be delivered. To get emails past spam blockers, the single most effective solution is to whitelist Rather than provide directions for whitelisting an email address for thousands of different email systems, we recommend using a search engine to find instructions. You can search for "how to whitelist an email address with [name of your email provider]" and you should be able to find plenty of tutorials and instructions for whitelisting. If you are using a paid email hosting service you may also consider contacting their customer support.

The good news is that many guests use freely available email services. Many of these services provide Spam folders for their users to browse for mis-marked mail. Often it is the paid providers that our properties use that have the strictest Spam blockers and they sometimes discard email without giving the customer the option to make a decision. The only way around these systems is for the customer to whitelist

My guest tells me they replied to an email sent by ResNexus, but I never received it. What happened?

Emails to guests from ResNexus are sent from with the reply address set to the property's email address. When a guest clicks "Reply" in the majority of popular email systems, the property's email address is correctly used as the recipient of that email and the email is delivered correctly.

In some email systems, however, clicking "Reply" incorrectly sends the reply to ResNexus currently has no way to correctly detect which property these replies should be forwarded to (because the senders don't always include enough identifiable information in their emails) and is unable to pass these replies onto the correct property. We recommend explicitly mentioning your property's email address in your communications so guests know exactly where to send their comments, questions, and reservation updates.

What does ResNexus do to improve email delivery?

ResNexus does many things to improve email delivery, including the following:
  • Digitally signs all emails (DKIM) so receiving servers can verify their authenticity.
  • Publishes an approved list of servers that are allowed to send ResNexus emails (SPF) so receiving servers can validate their origin.
  • Separates transactional emails from marketing emails by using different email servers for each type of email.
  • Monitors bounceback rates. Over a one year period from 2015 to 2016 we consistently achieved very low bounceback rates on the thousands of emails we sent daily.
  • Work directly with certain email providers, when necessary, to diagnose delivery problems.

Which email systems does ResNexus encounter the most difficulty when sending email?

ResNexus has encountered the most difficulty with the following email providers:

  • AOL. They have a sending threshold that ResNexus occasionally triggers. Emails from ResNexus are temporarily blocked (usually for no more than 24 hours).
  • Network Solutions and Bluehost. Each of these systems has very strict spam blocking policies. Whitelisting seems to be the only solution we've found for emails to be delivered successfully. You may also need to whitelist as an approved sending domain.
  • Email systems using SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin uses strict spam blocking policies.

What should I whitelist if I am not receiving emails?

To whitelist ResNexus emails, try whitelisting the following:
  • The email address or *
  • The domain or *
  • The domain *

What causes an "Email Delivery Notification email?

Occasionally you will encounter delivery failures and bounce back emails.  This can happen for several reasons. Here is a list of some that we have found: 

  • Email not found, invalid email addres
  • Mailbox unavailable
  • Mailbox is full
  • Message may be too large
  • Email has an auto-responder enabled. 

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.