ResNexus helps you fight chargebacks with ease and with solid proof. By default, guests receive a copy of your policies in their confirmation emails regardless if they booked by phone or online. Guests that book online also agree to your policies before they can complete a reservation online. It is important that you review your policies with guests that book by phone.

When you receive a chargeback, what the credit card company is looking for is PROOF that the charge was agreed upon by the customer. Prepare the following proof from ResNexus:

  1. Look up the reservation in question and look at the bottom of the reservation information to find when they agreed to your policies. Use the reservation information to create a dispute letter. For example:
  2. Dear [Company],

    On [Date] we received a chargeback for the following cardholder:

    [Card Number]

    [Card holder's name]

    On our records we show the cardholder as:

    [Guest Name]


    [City, State Zip]



    The guest made the following reservation:

    [Reservation Items]


    [Reservation Total]

    The guest was charged:



    I've included a copy of their reservation for your records.


    All of our guests agree to our policies before they can stay with us, whether they make a reservation online from our website or over the phone. Guests receive a copy of our policies with their confirmation email immediately after they make a reservation and are under legal obligation to abide by the agreed upon policies.

    Our reservation software shows that [Guest Name] agreed to our policies on [Agreed To Date]. I've included a copy of the policies [Guest Name] agreed to for your records.

    Please reverse this chargeback and award us the [Amount] the [Guest Name] agreed to on [Agreed To Date].

    Feel free to contact me with any further questions.


    [Your Inn]

    [Your Name]

    [Your Phone]

  3. Include a copy of the guest's reservation using "Print Version".
  4. If the charge was from a cancellation, make sure to include in the dispute letter the cancellation details (why and when the guest canceled, what the fee is for canceling, etc.).
  5. Print out a copy of your policies by going to Settings -> Policies.
  6. Make sure to fill out the forms they sent you.
  7. If you include a dispute letter, a copy of the reservation, a copy of your policies and all other documents they require you to fill out, you will have an excellent chance of winning the dispute.

    Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.