More than likely your email provider has decided that emails from ResNexus are spam or the email address in ResNexus is incorrect. Email providers blocking our emails is more common than we would like to see but it makes sense with most inns receiving confirmation emails daily from ResNexus.

How to test if emails from ResNexus have been blocked:

  1. Log into ResNexus Back Office. You must have General Manager rights.
  2. Go to Settings -> Operations.
  3. Is your email address correct under "Confirmation & Security E-mail"? If not, then you probably found the problem.
  4. Update "Confirmation & Security E-mail" using a Google, Hotmail or Yahoo email address. Click "Test Operations E-mail". Wait a few seconds. Did you get it? If you received the email when you changed it to a different email account (outside of your domain) then your email provider has blacklisted emails from info at If didn't get any of the emails you tested, please call your Red Carpet Professional.

How to fix emails from being blocked:

  1. Contact your email provider or access their tools however they have it set up. Add info at to the whitelist.
  2. Do the same with whatever email program you use on your computer (Outlook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.). Sometimes whitelist is "Safe Senders" or under another name. It doesn't hurt to add as a contact in your address book.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.