How to add a Cancellation Fee

Create Retail Item

Settings > Retail Items

Add to Reservation

Reservation > Retail

Create a retail item for the amount of the cancellation fee. Add this retail item to cancelled reservations.

  • To create a cancellation fee as a retail item

    • Go to Settings > Retail Items.

    • Click New.

    • Name the item.

    • Set the price. If there is a set fee for cancellations, enter the price. If the cancellation fee is variable, enter a price or leave the price at $0.00.

    • Select if any taxes apply.

    • Save.

  • To add the cancellation fee to a reservation

    • Go to the reservation and go to the Retail tab.

    • Click Add.

    • Select “1” next to the cancellation fee item to indicate adding 1 cancellation fee.

    • To set the price for the cancellation fee on this particular reservation, enter the price in the Adjust Price field at the bottom. (This is the amount you are charging as a cancellation fee or the amount that you are not refunding the guest.)

    • Save. 

  • To cancel the reservation

    • Go to the Cancel tab of the reservation.

    • Check the box to cancel.

    • Enter your initials.

    • Uncheck the box to Auto remove retail items (Note: you can leave this checked if you cancel the reservation before adding the cancellation fee. Otherwise, the cancellation fee will be removed with the retail items.)

    • Save.