1. Look up the reservation using "Search" or find it on the reservation grid.
  2. Click on "Cancel" from the list found on the right. Check "Cancel this reservation", enter the reason for the cancellation and enter your initials. After clicking "Save" all rooms are removed. If you need to add a cancellation fee, use "Retail" to do so. If there is no cancellation fee item, you can create one or call your Red Carpet Professional. After you click "Save" you can email the customer a cancellation email if need be.

If the customer is owed money, make sure to refund the appropriate amount on the "Payment" tab. Cancelling a reservation only removes it from your records. You will have to refund money to the guest in addition if they have already paid a portion. For a refresher on how to issue a refund click here.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.