How to send confirmation, cancellation, and receipt emails

A confirmation is sent automatically when a guest books online or by phone. However, if they need another copy or if booking by phone you elected to NOT send the confirmation email when entering the guest's information, use the "Send" button to send the confirmation email now. A copy is sent to you as well.

Log onto ResNexus and go to Reservations -> Search. Enter the guest's phone number, name or reservation number. Reservations in RED were cancelled. Click on the guest's reservation number to pull up the guest's reservation information and other details. Or if you already know which dates the guest is staying you can click on the guest's reservation on the grid.

This will pull up the guest's summary page. To the right of the Summary page are several tabs. Click on the Confirmation tab on the right side of the page. This will pull up the Confirmation page.

The guest's email address should automatically be entered into the email address box. Click "Send" to send out the confirmation email.

How do I add a note to the confirmation email?

To add a specific note to the confirmation email for a guest's reservation you can enter it in the Personalized Note field as shown in the picture above.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.