Reservations > Master Guest

Update guest information for all of that guest’s reservations, or reassign a reservation to a different guest.

  • To change the guest information

    • Go to guest’s reservation

    • Go to “Master Guest”

    • You can update guest information for the current guest here.

      • This is used to update things like phone number or address.

      • Note: Information changed here will affect all other reservations made by this guest.

  • To reassign a reservation

    • Go to reservation

    • Go to “Master Guest”

    • Click “Change Master Guest”

      • Note: Changing information in Master Guest before clicking “Change Master Guest” will affect all reservations for current guest. If the name on the Master Guest is changed, all other reservations will be affected.

    • Enter new guest’s information or do Guest Lookup.

    • Click “Save”