Taking phone reservations is easy, fast and a huge time saver. As soon as you take a phone reservation, the room(s) are no longer available online from your website.

Make sure that you are on the reservations grid that you started on when you logged in. If not, click on Grid on the left side of the screen. Above the grid are the tools you will need to book a phone reservation. Following the order of the options on the top of the page you will be able to take a phone reservation easily and efficiently.

  1. How many guests do you have?
  2. Select the number of guests in the drop down box above the calendar months at the top of the page. Also available next to the number of guests are room classes. Select a room class to narrow down a room to the guest's needs. As you do this the calendar will update to display only rooms that can accommodate the number of guests selected and the features of the room class chosen.

  3. During which month would you like to stay?
  4. If the guest wants to book nights outside of this time frame, click on the month at the top of the page.

  5. Which dates would you like to stay? What is the starting date?
  6. Select the dates in the grid which you would like to make a phone reservation and then click the "Book" button. When you make a reservation using the "Book" button ResNexus will record a phone reservation in your records and the room will feature a green "Booked by phone button icon".

By Using the "Quote" button you can provide complete pricing and tax information for any given reservation. You can add or remove rooms as well as retail items. Select the dates or starting date on the grid the guest is interested in and then click the "Quote" button to open the Reservation Quote page. This is especially helpful for you to sell a room to the guest by adding a discount.

Once you have added any rooms, retail items, discounts, and packages click "Book" to continue with the reservation or "Cancel" if they are not interested.

Enter the guest information. If it is a return guest, use the "Guest Lookup" button to find them. Make sure to enter as much information as possible for future marketing and retention efforts. A first name, last name and phone number are required. It is always a good idea to use upper and lower case letters, as well as ask for their birthday and anniversary. Click "Save" to continue.

The next page will ask for a credit card. It's always good practice to get a credit card on file in case of a no-show or if they damage a room. A credit card is required when a guest is booking online. However, when taking a phone reservation you do not need a credit card on file. Simply click on the Confirmation tab on the right side to go to the final step.

The last step is to send them a confirmation email. Click on the "Confirmation" tab and click "Send". You will receive a condensed confirmation email as well.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.