When a guest makes an online reservation from your website or makes a phone reservation, you will receive a confirmation email similar to what the guest receives.

What can I see in my version of the confirmation email?

  • Guest information: address, phone numbers, email address, birthday, anniversary, preferences/special needs
  • What rooms and nights they booked
  • Payments received (if you have recorded one or if the system auto-collected it)
  • Gift shop items they purchased
  • What specials or packages they have selected (Professional only)
  • Promo code (Professional only)
  • Whether the reservation was made online or by phone
  • How they found you

Complete credit card information IS NOT sent in these emails for security reasons. You will need to log into ResNexus in order to view credit card information.

We highly recommend as the ultimate backup that you print out and store these confirmation emails in a three-ring binder sorted by arrival date. That way if your computer is down for a few days, you can run off of this backup.

On the guest management side in your reservations grid, online reservations are blue, GDS / 3rd Party reservations are purple and phone reservations are green.

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.