How to Change Login Password

Settings > My Account

Or > Login > Forgot Password

Passwords can be changed any time and must be changed at least every 90 days.

  • To change your password or security questions

    • Go to Settings > My Account

    • Type a new password. Be sure the password meets all of the requirements listed.

    • Select security questions and type in the answers. Answers are case-sensitive.

    • Check the box indicating you have read the policies.

    • Save. If the page indicates, “Please fill in the required fields”, the password attempted does not meet all of the requirements. Try a different password.

  • To change your password if you are unable to log in

    • Go to the ResNexus login page.

    • Click “Forgot password?”

    • Enter your business website and email address.

    • Click Enter. 

    • Type in the answers to your security questions. These are case-sensitive.

      • If the answers are correct, you will be directed to the Change Password page in your account.

      • If the answers do not match what is listed in your account, you will have three attempts. After three failed attempts, a temporary password will be sent to your login email address.

      • Copy and paste the temporary password into the password field. This will direct you to the Change Password page in your account.