How to Add Reservation Sources

Settings > Reservation Sources

Reservation Sources are a way for guests to indicate how they found the booking engine or made their reservation, such as Google Search or Friend and Family.

  • To enable reservation sources

    • Type in a question or prompt in the field

    • Check the box to enable reservation sources

    • Save

  • To add a new reservation source

    • Click Add Source

    • Type the name of the reservation source

    • Select the order for the source to display in the list

    • Save

      • Reservation Sources will display on the final page of the booking engine as the guest completes their reservation.

  • To require guests to enter reservation sources

    • Go to Settings > Online Bookings

    • Check the box that says “Guests are required to enter reservation source on the booking engine”

    • Save 

  • To view results of reservation sources

    • Go to Reports > Reservation Sources