How to Import Guest Information

Guests > Import

This feature allows you to import guest information from a .csv or Excel file. This will create a new guest file for every guest imported.

  • To download a template to fill in guest information

    • Click Guest Data. This will download a .csv file with fields that can be imported.

    • Fill in the file with guest information in the appropriate columns. First and Last Name are required.

    • Save the file.

  • To upload the template or file with guest information

    • Select the bubble for Guest Data.

    • Click Choose File or Browse.

    • Select the file from your device.

    • Indicate if the first row of the file is a header row.

    • Click Upload.

    • Verify the column titles. Use the drop-down options to select the column headers. The drop-down options will determine where the imported information will display in the master guest information. Select “Skip” for any columns that do not need to be imported.

    • Click Process.

*Note: for users on the Basic Edition, go to Tools > Import Data. Complete the same steps as above.