When you would like to create a new reminder, click on Reminders -> Create on the left menu within ResNexus.

Reminder Options

Filling in this page, first type your reminder message in "Message". You then need to decide when the reminder should start showing up by filling in "Display starting on". A key to reminders is to not have them stick around for too long or you end up having way too many reminders. Use "This reminder expires on:" to indicate when the reminder will go away automatically.

Next you need to decide if this is an important message. Marking a message as important makes it show up in red in the list of reminders. Users also are forced to view important reminders when they login.

The last option in "Options" is whether to allow other individuals to be able to edit your reminder. This works great if you want a response which they can just type in "Message". For example you could create a reminder like:

"Carrie, did Mark Glover call this morning?


- Carrie"

This Reminder Is For...

The final section on reminders is to determine who should receive your reminder. For staff and recipients make sure you click the circle by the option or it won't work.

Just Me: It's a reminder just for you.

Everyone: It's a reminder for everyone on your team.

Staff: Assign the reminder to certain members of your staff. It goes off of what they have assigned to in Settings -> Staff. If a user's roles are changed, only reminders in the future are affected.

Note: If everyone has been assigned to all of the roles, you may want to refine that, especially if there are numerous individuals assigned to General Managers. General Managers have full power and you might find someone accidentally making a critical change within ResNexus.

Recipients: You can also assign reminders to specific staff members.

As the author, you also will receive any reminders you create.

How do I remove a reminder?

To remove a reminder, click "Remove this reminder" and then "Save".

Please call your Red Carpet Professional if you have any additional questions.