Rooms Setup

*Note: After making any changes, be sure to save each page before moving onto the next.

Settings > Rooms

To add a room, click New.

  • Room Number: assign a number to the room. 

  • Room Name: assign a name to the room. 

  • Capacity

    • Max Capacity: This is the maximum number of guests permitted in the room.

    • Max Adults: Specify how many adults are permitted within the max capacity. (For example, if a maximum of 6 people are allowed in a room, but only 4 of them can be adults, list “4” in the Max Adults field.) If left at 0, the Max Adults will default to the same as the Max Capacity.

    • Max Children: If the “children” component has been enabled for the property (found in Policies > Children & Pets), specify if there is a maximum number of children permitted within the max capacity.

      *Note: Max Adults + Max Children does not have to total the Max Capacity. For example, if 6 guests are allowed in a room, but there can be any combination of up to 4 adults or up to 4 children (2 adults, 4 children), set the Max Adults and Max Children to both be 4.
  • Description: This description will show up on the booking engine next to the room photos.

  • Daily Rates: Add a standard rate for every date the property is open. For more details on how to set up Daily Rates, visit the Daily Rates support page.

  • Pictures: Upload a JPG/JPEG file by clicking “Choose File”. The preferred size is 500x350px. The Main Picture will show on the rooms list on the booking engine. The Additional Pictures will show up when the guest clicks “More Pictures” on the booking engine.

  • Classes

    • To add a new class, type the name of the class in the field labeled “Add a new class”. Click Add Class. 

    • To assign the room to a class, check the box next to the class name. Save.

    • For more details on setting up classes, visit the Classes support page.