Sliding Rates  

Settings > Daily Rates > Sliding Rates

Sliding rates are rates based on length of stay.  These can be used to give a guest a fixed total rate, a discounted nightly rate, or a discounted percentage from the reservation if the guest books a specified number of nights.  

  • To enable Sliding Rates 

    • Click Add. 

    • Name your sliding rate.  This is for your reference.

    • Select the applicable room or class. 

    • Select the start and end dates. 

    • Specify the number of guests and the number of nights included in the sliding rate.  

    • Select the bubble next to the appropriate rate option:

      • % off per night 

      • $ off per night 

      • $ fixed per night rate 

      • $ fixed total rate  

      • Specify charges for additional guests 

    • Select any additional options that might apply.  

    • Save.